Astronomical Complex

Extremadura – Spain

Night...or day!

Enjoy and learn astronomy

For all audiences

Dinner under the stars, Star Party, mini-conferences, courses...


Observations to discover the night sky

For all audiences. All the proposed activities can be carried out both at the e-EyE Astronomical Complex and in other sites outside e-EyE. At e-EyE, we understand that science and knowledge are part of the heritage of all and for all. Everyone will enjoy a journey through the stars and the Universe.

VIP activities for those who stay with us:

Naked eye observation: Half an hour duration. We show you the most important constellations and stars – we guide you and give you interesting facts about the stars.

Telescope observation: One and a half hour duration. In addition to showing you the night sky with naked eye and giving you interesting facts about the night sky, you will see the popular astronomical objects with a 14-inch telescope: galaxies, globular clusters, double stars, planetary nebulae and of course the rings of Saturn or Jupiter and their satellites, depending on the time of year. Last but not least, the Moon – viewed as if you were flying closely over it.

Astronomical Events

e-EyE organizes interesting Astronomical Events programmes for all audiences, such as:

Annual: International Sun Day, meteor showers, Messier Marathon, International Moon Day, World Space Week, Science Week, etc.

Phenomena: Eclipses, Comets, explosions of stars, planetary alignments, transits over the Sun, solar activity, etc.

Ephemeris: Special dates dedicated to events or people related to the world of astronomy.

Training courses and services

We have designed e-EyE training for amateurs and professionals who want to start, specialise or deepen their knowledge of topics including: Astrophotography, Photography, General Astronomy, Astrophysics, Technology and Techniques for night sky observation.

At e-EyE, the training courses are very personalised, combining theory and practice. We are able to give great value to training through learning by doing and tutored by an expert instructor. These include monitoring and assessment to follow the progress and formative growth of the student.

The team of instructors is first rate. multi-disciplinary and formed by specialists in the different subjects.

The training practices of e-EyE are made with the latest technological and latest generation material.

Star Parties

We organize this type of event – very sought-after by enthusiastic amateur astronomers.

Events like these that bring astronomers or groups interested in astronomy together for observations are done in the Rose of the Stars. The Rose of the Stars is an area completely adapted with the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the activity in the best conditions of darkness and with ease of access for all the equipment.

Dinner under the Stars

For groups, e-EyE proposes Dinner under the Stars. It is a unique experience that no one should miss: music, astronomy, gastronomy are mixed in a unique event that aims to provide enjoyment and knowledge. In addition to a good meal and great atmosphere, the goal is to learn from the Universe by having fun.


e-EyE is a centre where highly productive mini-conferences are hosted, where amateurs and professionals have a space to talk with each other and with specialists in astronomy.