130 Euros per night

Discover the new and extended Cepheo house

House of 39  square metres. Capacity for 2 people + one extra bed

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Our new booking engine shows you the availability of all the houses. If on the date you have chosen your house is not shown, it is not available for that date.

Astroturismo; Alojamiento Turístico; Actividades Astronómicas; Casa Rurales; Entre Encinas y Estrellas; Extremadura; Fregenal de la Sierra

Price: € 130 per night. 

The prices of the stay and activities are valid until December 31st, 2020.

From three nights or if you occupy more than one house at a time, you have a 15% discount.

Individual extra bed can be added at 30€ per night.


Included and only if you stay more than two nights.


Do not miss our specialty. Special prices for those who stay with us. Prices:

  • 50€ per person if you sleep one night.
  • 30 € per person if you leep more than one night.
  • Children under 10 free of charge

To book click on “Booking” and you will enter the booking engine. Follow its instructions, you will be able to book the Observation after choosing the dates you want and the house. The payment is made by credit card from the same platform. You will receive a confirmation email. A few days before your arrival you will receive another reminder email with more information of your interest.

What if I want to cancel the reservation?

As astronomy lovers, we understand that unfavorable weather conditions may make astronomical observation impossible. If that happens and you want to change the date of your visit, no problem. We look for an available date that fits you and the change is made at no cost.

For other cases, unforeseen events occur and we know, so in e-EyE we offer you the possibility to cancel up to 7 days before the date of arrival by returning the total amount you have advanced.

If you give us less than 7 days notice, we will refund 75% of the reservation.

If you do not appear on the day of booking and you have not informed us, you lose the total amount of the booking.

For more details, you can read the full booking and cancellation policy on this page.

What if it is cloudy and I have paid for astronomical observation?

If despite the average of 250 – 270 clear nights that we enjoy in this region, it happens that the weather conditions were not favorable, of course we will refund the money of the astronomical observation that you have booked.

In e-EyE we are passionate about astronomy and our desire is to share our hobby.

OBSERVATION AT FIRST SIGHT. FREE and only for clients who stay two nights. We located the activity in the Rose of the stars where we have more sky. We show you the most important constellations of the time of the year we are (there is a different sky in each season), we tell you about the peculiarities of the constellations and the stars, what their colour tells us, how they are born and die and other curiosities during approximately 20 minutes.

ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATION WITH A TELESCOPEOur speciality. It lasts about an hour and a half. Besides showing you the sky with the naked eye and explaining curiosities about the cosmos, you will see with a 12-inch telescope the most representative astronomical objects: galaxies, globular clusters, double stars, planetary nebulae and of course the rings of Saturn, or Jupiter and its satellites depending on the time of year. Of course, the moon looks as if you were flying over it from very close.

Cepheo has kitchen and living room in open plan, a bedroom, a bathroom and porch. Also:

  • Air conditioning  –  Heating –  Deck chairs and outdoor table on the porch –  Picnic table for dinner under holm oaks and stars.
  • Slippers to not enter with shoes in the house.

At the disposal of the clients we leave in the house:  Artisan sweets of the region, bread, fruit, butter, jam, milk and so on. If you are vegetarian/vegan or have any food intolerance, let us know.


  • Induction cooker –  Refrigerator  –  Microwave  –  Italian coffee maker or Moka  –  Toaster –   Kettle  – Squeezer.
  • Kitchenware – Crockery – Cutlery – Salt, napkins, tea towels, etc.
  • Insecticide.


  • 1.35 m double bed –  Bedding with feather duvet for the Winter – Clothes hangers in the wordrobe  – Full body mirror.
  • Spare duvet  –  Two spare feather pillows  –  Extra blanket.

note. During Covid-19 times the spare clothing will be given under request. We have temporarely remuved them for your safety.


  • Hair dryer  –  Towels: shower, hands and floor –  Hand soap, gel-shampoo and toilet paper.