Astronomical Complex

Extremadura – Spain



We rent astronomical observatories


Fregenal de la Sierra – Badajoz – Extremadura – Spain


 Get into astronomy


Largest astronomical complex for Remote Hosting in Europe. Located within the Starlight reserve, which combines ideal astronomical conditions to host your Telescope and control it remotely from anywhere in the world.


Intellectual tourism, right here in Extremadura. Another way of enjoying one’s time. Stay with us and enjoy the beautiful surroundings at the heart of the Extremaduran pastures, where you will connect with the Cosmos.


For all members of the public. Discover the Universe and make a journey across the Stars in an enjoyable and educational way with large Telescopes. Do not miss this experience, in one of the darkest sites in Europe.

Modular observatories

Each Apollo module consists of 8 independent observatory piers for Hosting. The astronomers control their telescope remotely via the Internet, completely autonomously from the rest, by themselves controlling their own robotic roof and every aspect of their observatory.

Salt water pool

Need we say more?

Lecture room for conferences and courses

Completely equipped to host conferences and courses with capacity to accommodate up to 30 people. If more space is needed, we can make use of a Cultural Centre in Fregenal de la Sierra, with capacity for more than 200 people.

Hosting Services

We offer packages for installation, advice and maintenance of equipment for Hosting.

The Water Wheel

Antique flour mill is equipped with a horizontal wheel, moved by the river. At the moment it needs refurbishing but its mechanism and the grinding process can still be appreciated. Restoration will proceed during 2018.

Picnic Area

Around the houses, we have constructed picnic areas integrated with the holm oaks. Each house has its own individual zone as well as access to a communal BBQ.

e-EyE: As close as you need, as far as you want


Who we are


We are (always) young, passionate about what we do, hard-working and enjoy doing it. Cristina, graduated in Business Administration, Jose Luis, engineer, Cindy, graduated in Tourism, and José Fernando, responsible for maintenance.

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The astronomical complex e-EyE is situated in Southwest Spain, in the autonomous community of Extremadura, within the Badajoz province, at the municipal terminal of Fregenal de la Sierra. Located at the heart of the Southwest Extremaduran pastures, surrounded by land full of helm oak trees, its sky offers darkness with SQM over magnitude 21, promoting deep, high-quality observations.

We are in one of the few optimum places left in Europe, where the ideal conditions are combined for high-quality Astronomical observation. The nearby rural towns, Fregenal de la Sierra and Higuera la Real, are very small, but at the same time offer all the necessary services: healthcare, culture, gastronomy, etc.

Given the natural surroundings and the distance to surrounding towns, the e-EyE Astronomical Complex guarantees a sky clear of ambient contaminants, with a scarce level of dust and suspended aerosols. The commitment for sustainable development and the inclusion of the town Fregenal de la Sierra in the Starlight project, guarantees the future quality of the sky.

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